Re : Thirst for Knowledge

Dear All,

Some of you will already know me but for those who don't, my name is 
Kerry Taylor and I am the student currently working for Peter Boyce at the Royal 
Botanic Gardens, Kew.

I am at Kew for a year and my main project  is the compilation of 
an economic database for Araceae. So far I have found
uses for over two hundred species. This data has been found in 
books, journals, papers etc. Some of you have been kind enough to 
send me data via E-Mail, which brings me onto the reason for this 
letter ! Is there anyone else out there with any information on the 
economic uses of Araceae ? I am searching for more information on 
food (Incl. animal foods) uses, social uses, medicinal uses (Incl. 
use as a posion), environmental uses, material uses and horticultural uses.
If anyone has information that they think would help me, I would be really 
grateful if they could send it to me via E-mail or snail mail.



My Snail mail address is :
Kerry Taylor,
Herbarium, Wing D,
Royal Botanic Gardens,

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