Re: Cow-Faced Philo

On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, Eduardo wrote:

> I've never heard that name before. But when I use my imagination, I think
> it could be something like P. panduraeforme (H.B.K) Kunth from Venezuela. 
> Such species along with some of its hybrids are widely cultivated here in
> Brazil and they share the vernacular name of Philodendron "cara-de-cavalo",
> that can be translated as "horse-faced" Philodendron. It makes some sense to
> me, but... 

Hmmmm....... Panduraeforme is probably from the Latin panduriformis, 
meaning fiddle shaped.  My Exotica shows P.panduraeforme and indeed the 
leaves are somewhat fiddle shaped.  However, the single leaf/petiole I 
have from the so-called cow-faced Philo does not have the deep inward 
curving toward the center of the leaf.  The leaf base is truncate and the
the margin slowly tapers inward toward an obtuse tip. Possibly this is an 
immature P. panduraeforme leaf?

I can definitely see la carra de caballo, tambien (my Portuguese is not very 


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