Another Konjac comment and some questions (fwd)

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Subject: Another Konjac comment and some questions

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Dear folks,

I also posted this note last weekend but have not seen it on the Aroid=20
list or received any comments either.  Since I had problems with my mail=20
at about the same time, I checked with someone on the list and they had=20
not seen it either - so I am reposting it.  Sorry if it is a duplicate.

After I wrote a comment on Mr. Fisk=92s question, I thought I=92d share=20
another bit of experience and as for comments and suggestions.  This last=
year I have been fortunate to discover that 4 of my A. Konjac=92s have=20
started to =91flower=92.  I have enjoyed trying to grow them a little bette=
and larger each year, with pretty good results compared to my earlier,=20
rather poor results.  The best results so far is by planting one in each=20
large pot (3X the diameter of the tuber).  I use a mix of =93All-Grow=94 (a=
compost of sawdust and the remains of brewing beer), some sterile potting=
soil, and some perlite to lighten it up.  Maybe once over the summer I=20
water it with Rapid-Grow.  Otherwise I just water it when the top couple=20
inches are dry.  Usually the rain takes care of it.  The tubers that grow=
to 5-600 grams / 3-4 inches don=92t get spikes and flowers.  When they are=
over 1000 gms / 4-5 inches they do.  The largest one so far is 5.5 Kgs=20
and has a really big spike.  The tuber is almost 10 inches across and=20
over 6 inches high.  Each year they get larger unless they stop growing=20
early, like if the wind gets them.  The medium size ones seem to have the=
most offshoots, sometimes 10-15.  I have given a bunch to the local civic=
garden center to sell in their fund-raiser with great results.
So here are the questions. =20
- How big do the tubers, plants and flowers get????
- Mine seem to last about 4-5 months before the plant turns yellow and=20
falls over.  Can I start them earlier somehow and/or keep them growing=20
longer in the fall so they grow bigger???
- What factor(s) cause them to go dormant???
- I read somewhere that they use the tubers like potatoes in the far=20
east.  Anyone tried to eat one???

Thanks for the information and comments.

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