Re: Philodendron x "Evansii" et al

At 06:08 PM 1/9/97 -0600, Eduardo Gomes Goncalves wrote:
>On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Neil Crafter wrote:
>> I am delighted to see some discussion on my favourite genera! (...) 
>> I would be pleased to hear from anyone with a specific interest in
>> Philodendrons either through Aroid-L or direct to me,
>Dear Neil, 
>I am also interested on Philodendron, as you are. Maybe it is because 
>they are one of the most ubiquous and conspicuous aroid here in Central 
>Brazil and I started my scientific career with them. For those which don't 
>know me, I has been studying and describing some species from such 
>fabulous genus for the last 2 years and soon I'll be publishing something 
>about it.   
>Dear all,
>I'd like to say that I'm starting to amass data to revise the genus
>Spathicarpa Hooker. It will be my first step (of a long way!) to survey
>the tribe Spathicarpeae (Spathicarpa, Taccarum, Asterostigma, Gorgonidium,
>Spathantheum, Mangonia and Gearum), maybe as a PhD thesis. If there is
>anyone on the list that can send me any kind of information (e.g. 
>cultivation tips, morphological diversity of plants, etc) about
>Spathicarpa or any other Spathicarpeae, please, e-mail me either privately
>or by means of aroid-l. Despite of the small size of this group, it is
>poorly known and needs to be updated. 
>Best wishes...
>Eduardo Goncalves
>Brasilia - Brazil
I want to talk Philodendrons! Talk to me!

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