Re: Philodendron x "Evansii" et al

On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Neil Crafter wrote:

> I am delighted to see some discussion on my favourite genera! (...) 
> I would be pleased to hear from anyone with a specific interest in
> Philodendrons either through Aroid-L or direct to me,

Dear Neil, 

I am also interested on Philodendron, as you are. Maybe it is because 
they are one of the most ubiquous and conspicuous aroid here in Central 
Brazil and I started my scientific career with them. For those which don't 
know me, I has been studying and describing some species from such 
fabulous genus for the last 2 years and soon I'll be publishing something 
about it.   

Dear all,

I'd like to say that I'm starting to amass data to revise the genus
Spathicarpa Hooker. It will be my first step (of a long way!) to survey
the tribe Spathicarpeae (Spathicarpa, Taccarum, Asterostigma, Gorgonidium,
Spathantheum, Mangonia and Gearum), maybe as a PhD thesis. If there is
anyone on the list that can send me any kind of information (e.g. 
cultivation tips, morphological diversity of plants, etc) about
Spathicarpa or any other Spathicarpeae, please, e-mail me either privately
or by means of aroid-l. Despite of the small size of this group, it is
poorly known and needs to be updated. 

Best wishes...

Eduardo Goncalves
Brasilia - Brazil

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