Philodendron x "Evansii" et al

Dear Aroiders
I am delighted to see some discussion on my favourite genera! I only 
recently joined this discussion group but have had nothing to say because 
I know absolutely nothing about Arisaema, Typhonium or Sauromatum, but I 
do know a little about Philodendrons as I have been growing them for over 
10 years now.
RE: Philodendron x "Evansii"
    Both Tom and Eduardo referred to this as being a hybrid of
    P. bipinnatifidum x P. undulatum. This was surprising to me as I
    always thought that P. speciosum Schott ex Endl. was the second part
    of this cross. Both "Hortus Third" and "Exotica" confirm this. Can
    anyone shed any further light on this matter?

RE: Philodendron panduraeforme
    I also understood that P. panduraeforme, the common fiddleleaf
    Philodendron was now P. bipennifolium Schott. This plant is also 
    known as the horsehead p. ( Hortus) but I have never heard of the
    cow faced p. Sounds like something you'd call someone you were not
    particularly fond of ! There is P. panduraeforme (HBK) Kunth which
    is still a valid species I think - fom memory it was listed in 'THE
    Araceae of Venezuela" by Croat and Lambert published in Aroideana
    Vol 9 1986. No doubt Tom can let us know about this.

RE: P. Imbe Schott ex Endl.
    For Todd Ruth, the name Imbe is the Brazilian Indians' name for most
    climbing Philodendrons.

RE: P. bipinnatifidum and P. selloum
    In Simon Mayo's fascinating "A revision of Philodendron subgenus
    Meconostigma" published in the Kew Bulletin Vol 46 No 4  1991 pp 634
    -643 , P. selloum is brought to synonomy along with a number of 
    species such as P. mello-barretoanum under P. bipinnatifidum.
    Todd this Kew Bulletin is well worth getting for those interested in
    the so called tree type Philodendrons of subgenus Meconostigma.I have
    two photo albums of philodendrons in my collection and ones I have
    seen in various botanic gardens including Adelaide (where I live)
    Sydney, Brisbane, Hong Kong and Kew Gardens.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone with a specific interest in
Philodendrons either through Aroid-L or direct to me,
                             Neil Crafter  

By the way I am a golf course architect by profession- are there any
aroiders out there who are keen golfers?
kind regards to all
Neil Crafter 
Adelaide Australia

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