Re: Rhaphidophora Decursiva = Philodendron ? NO!

Dear Todd,

No, Rhaphidophora Hassk. is not a synonym of Philodendron Schott.  
This is a mistake clearly introduced by myself.  Sorry for the 
confusion.  I will have it fixed as soon as possible.  Thank you very 
much for the correction.  I am sure there are other errors here and 
there on our Web Page.  Corrections are always welcomed and 
appreciated. I am glad that you visited our Home Page for 
information.  I usually have the information checked before I put 
themon the web.  However, sometimes just can not help to put them on 

For questions of such kind, The Plant Book by D. J. Mabberley 
(Cambridge University Press) is the best reference in general.  For 
Araceae, the genera of Araveae by Bogner et al. (in press? I have not 
seen it yet) will be the master book.  

Please let me know if there is any one on the list is willing to help 
to put more information for each genus (a checklist in my mind now) 
for the IAS page.  Don or I can provide the electronic data needed.


> Date:          Wed, 8 Jan 1997 16:17:48 -0600
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> From:          Todd Ruth <>
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> Subject:       Re: Rhaphidophora Decursiva = Philodendron ? NO!

> Thanks for all of the info!  The relations of all of those genera
> was particularly interesting.  Would the keeper of the genera page,
>, please make a quick check
> of whether the line:
> Rhaphidophora Hassk.                    = Philodendron Schott
> was intended?  I may just be misunderstanding, but it looked like
> that meant Rhaphidophora had been retired.
> Any recommendations for a source for the kind of info that came
> in response to my Rhaphidophora/Philodendron questions?  Is there
> a book which explains which genera are most related to which others
> and gives descriptions/pictures of numerous species?  I'm most
> interested in Monstera, Philodendrons, and Anthuriums (and close
> relatives to those, eg as I've now learned Rhaphidophora).
> Thanks for your patience with a new-comer.  I've only been raising
> aroids (plants in general for that matter) for about 1 and 1/2 years
> and the information gained from IAS/aroid-l has been very much
> appreciated.
> Thanks again,
> Todd
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