Re: Naming standards

>By your ability to update in such a short time, I take it you already
>have a key element: a soft copy of a table of species with indications
>of which are synonyms of which.  Where do you find one of those?  All
>I could find was a table down to the genus level.
>With a table to the species level, I could start coding.  (That's "coding"
>as in writing software, not making up codes.  (I'd also need to clear a
>path to the computer at home, but I think my wife will kill me if I don't
>start cleaning up that mess ayway :).))  Such a table would also
>answer my recent Philodendron questions.

Hum, I guess I forgot to put several :-) in my message!

  Well more seriously, I do not have anything for Aroids, but for my
favorite, Passifloraceae (mine) and American Gesneriaceae (not mine), I have
computer lists that are more than 80% done. The passifloraceae is part of my
job though, so I will publish it when ready. It may be on line only latter.
  No code associated with them. My plants have an entry # associated with a
name that I update if needed. 
  There is soft list for many groups like Begonia ... rarely though species
AND cultivars.
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