Re: Philodendron polypodioides

In re: slow growth. about 12 years ago I got a nicely rooted largeleaf cut
of something yclept 'Monstera deliciousa'Salt and Pepper'. The leaves are
thick, about 3X normal, and the coloring is grayish because of the
minutewhitish mottlings, very subtle. In that span of time, other vining
arouds have lept into greenhouse rafters, have been pulled down, hacked to
bits, propagated and gone on to lead productive lives. this thing now has
10 leaves, and I am thinking of maybe tryig a few air layers. The
conservative route. is anybody familiar with this thing? Is it maybe a
polyploid? doesn't look delicate. just       s  l  o  w.


At 03:59 PM 1/13/97 -0600, Tom Croat wrote:
>Christian:  I think that P. polypodioides is just an abberant P.
>pedatum.  The latter is a highly variable species.  I wonder if this
>"form" has some inherant genetic problem and that this could be the
>reason why it grows so slowly. 
>	Tom Croat

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