Re: Philodendron x Evansii

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997 wrote:

> On 9 Jan I put up a posting regarding th parentage of this hybrid. Both
> Tom and Eduardo indicated that it was P.bipinnatifidum x P.undulatum,
> whilst all the literature that I have shows P.speciosum to be the second
> parent.Unfortunately there was no further discussion or reply from Tom or 
> Eduardo, so I am none the wiser. Any comments guys ?

Dear Neil,

Thanks for your persistence. It was a clear mistake of mine. P. x evansii
really is a hybrid of P.bipinnatifidum X P.speciosum, as you wrote above.
I only could believe that I wrote such wrong information when I checked on
my sent messages! P. x evansii has nothing to do with P. undulatum!  I'm
sorry about it. I just can't wonder where my brain was exactly when I
needed it.  So here we go again: 

Philodendron x evansii
 (P. bipinnatifidum Schott ex Endlicher X P. speciosum Schott)

(Now it sounds better!)

Best wishes,


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