Re: Caladium Sources?

Dick:  All of the forms you sent me last year did well, depending on the
soil where I put them.  Those in rich deep soil in shadier areas did
better.  I would be interested in getting more and will await your
response.  Is it time for me to do the operation on the tubers.  You
said that I should cut them during the winter but I have forgotten the
details.  I must try to find the reprint that you sent me.  

> Hello to all, there is a Caladium grower near by who raises a number of
> varieties.  One is a green strap leaf that is wonderful but has little 
> commercial market.  It is probably C. schonbergki 'Changur'.  I can get 
> these tubers at good price if anyone wants some.  I can also get the 
> common names.  Tom Croat grew a bunch in St. Louis last year and maybe he 
> will let the list know how they fared.
> Send me your wishes.  I am going to visit the grower this week and will 
> post the plant names and prices when I return.  If you will let me know 
> that you might want some tubers, I can see what kind of deal he will give us.
> Dick
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