Colocasia esculenta

Greetings:  I have been able to obtain a number of tubers of the big green
form of this plant.  I can give them away for the price of postage so let
me know so I can sort things out.  This plant grows about 4 feet high and
the blade is about 24 inches across.  Very nice in the garden or planting.
Will take full sun and although it is usually grown in wet areas, I had no
problem in an elevated, Florida sand medium.  You will have plenty of
tubers to share for 1998 as this thing is nicely prolific.  I saw some
tubers that were more than 3 pounds today so if you want to grow this to
that size, you can also learn how to make poi.  What fun!

If any of you want any of the Caladiums I am getting for aroid-l members I
can include a tuber when I send the former.  The Colocasia tubers are
about ready to break dormancy but can be held for months and still the 
will survive.

I will see if I can find a photo and scan it in so you can view one.


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