Re: Over-wintering

Something new:

Each year I have had problems with certain plants that I would like to
leave in their pots, but cannot because they will freeze, expand and
crack the pots.

I have been playing around with recycled materials where I work and have
come up with an unbreakable pot made from rubber and plastic. Right now
I have made them only in a 4" size.

So far I have filled one full of water and let it freeze. No cracking. I
tossed it up into the air about 40 feet and let it fall back onto my
driveway. No cracking. In fact it even protected the ice inside from
breaking. So far so good.

I worried about the rubber being toxic, but I remember a posting, here,
about using shreaded rubber for antheriums and orchid potting mixture.
Plus, in roder to form these, I cook the raw materials at 400F. No
organic evils are left and it seems to fuse the balance together.

Anyone on the list have any comments? Concerns? Issues? Questions?
Additional Ideas?

Tim McNinch

P.S. I made them light terra cotta, brown, blue, green and on and on.
The stuff is really pretty neat as long as it doesn't kill the plants.

So I planted a few annuals in some pots (canary test) and I will watch
them to see what happens.

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