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Dear Tony,

It concerned Typhonium horsfieldii, which is mainly tropical. Certainly
not hardy when frosts are concerned. You may experiment with temperate
circumstances, which I have found are accepted by many Typhoniums. It is
a species with a high light-need or it gets leggy easily. Always be
careful with too much direct sunlight. I have also found that it doesn't
like to be kept dry OUT of the soil. Some clones have a tendency to stay
green during "resting", meaning a few leaves linger on while there is no
actual growth. Should not let such a plant dry out.

The species is one of the most widespread in Asia and has many
phenotypes, some very attractive. 


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> Wilbert:
>         Back in June, you described the plant that Kaichen was selling
> as
> Arisaema rhombiforme as Typhonium fieldii.  Can you tell us more about
> the
> typhonium, especially potential hardiness as compared to the hardy T.
> giganteum. Thanks.
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