Pinellia source

    I will have 4 Pinellia species in my 98 catalog. Cordata does not
seem to be hardy in my area so I do not carry that one.
P peditisecta, P tripartita, P ternata, P tripartita atropurpurea. From
#202 pots, mature. There will also be at least 6 species of Arisaema.
    Gene Bush    Munchkin Nursery    Southern Indiana    Zone 6a
AR>Seems I recall a posting asking for a source of Pinellia.

AR>Try Collector's Nursery  <>

AR>They are offering:
AR>P. cordata     $8
AR>P. peditisecta $6
AR>P. tripartita    $5

AR>among other goodies.

AR>The Arisaema are some of the desirable ones.


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