Re: Alocasia name

Long time, no hear from me!

Okay, please help me out here quick.  I 
have some Arum maculatum seeds that I collected while still green.  
Yesterday, they turned orange and today they are a nice bright 
orange.  How soon should I sow these things.  Now?  How far apart 
should I space the individual seeds?  What kind of medium should I 
use.  And last but not least should I water the soil throughout the 
whole year or so while they do their underground thing before sending 
up a leaf.  Oh yes, do they also need a cold treatment?

It's an outstanding specimen that I collected these seeds from.  I 
was walking along the banks of a river admiring the thousands of 
blooming cuckoo pints when this one particular one caught my eye.  
the spathe had a wonderful purple blush that increasingly darkend 
towards the spathe tip.  The spathe itself was longer than any 
others and it actually curled back and dropped halfway down in an 
undulating fashion.  Really beautiful.  I felt kind of unethical 
wanting to collect the seeds so I only collected half and left the 
other half to nature.  

If I can get excellent advice from all of you and manage to germinate 
many I might just even share them, there's an incentive.

Anyway thanks.

William Perez

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