Re: Return of Hercules

Not intending to stir up poo-poo (sic) or compete in any
way with Jim W. on my first post to AROID-L; but I also 
live quite close to the infamous Western Hills Nursery 
thought that I might pick up a mess o'  Z. 'Hercules' with 
the intent of sending them to interested folks directly.  
No monies involved, just some friendly trading.  I'm thinking 
this could be a fun way to expand my collection and at the 
same time help out those AROID-L'ers who happen to be out 
of driving range to Western Hill.  My passion lies mainly
with the tropical aroids, but I'd welcome anything you think 
might be interesting, equitable or hopefully both!  

I should state up front that I've not confirmed with Maggie
(the owner) how many plants remain at this time, and she's
only open Thursday -> Sunday, hence I won't know for sure 
how real this all is until 7/24 (unless she answers the phone   
before then).  I remind that Sean O'Hara mentioned on 11 July 
that there were "numerous 1 gal. specimens at this time and 
some 3"....  Please email me directly if this may be of interest.  


Dan Levin  (
Skywalker Sound Engineering
(415) 662-1374

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