Return of Hercules

Dear Aroid-L;
	I wrote to an enlightened member of another email robin. She lives
a half hour away from Western Hills Nursery. I asked if she'd pick up a
bunch of small pots of "Hercules"* on our behalf, mail them all in a box to
me and I'll distribute them to anyone who has prepaid and pre-ordered. She
thought it might be fun to spend someone else's money and agreed to do that.
	I have not contacted WH to see if any of this is true, but it is
rumored that small pots sell for $3.50@:  with tax and 2 shippings (CA-KC,
KC to buyer), I'll try to keep it to $6 @.

	If that sounds OK to you. Please send me your order by Private
Email in the next day or two and a check to follow pronto so I can send a
prepaid order by the end of July.
	Even if you have already asked before, please resend you request.

	Questions? 	Thanks

	Best 	Jim W.

	* Z. "Hercules - a giant calla that is alleged to get to 7ft.

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8871 NW Brostrom Rd                  	E-MAIL:
Kansas City MO 64152 		Fax: 816 746 1939
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