Re: what is AEG?

Dear Gabe;
	AEG is the Arisaema Enthusiast's GRoup. Their email address is :


	Although nominally centered on the genus Arisaema, they are open to
discussing any number of hardy aroids.
	I am sending you by private email the particulars about join in the

	Diana Reeck (a wonderfully enthiusiastic variegated plant 'nut')
energetically or Freudian slip-wise thought you wre referring to ABG which
is "Anything But Green". This is a loose association of about 100 people
around the US and a few foreign members who are growers and lovers of
yellow, bronze and variegated foliage plants. I am currently editing the
Newsletter which comes out three time per year ($10/yr). This issue is 28
page on eveything from Variegated Annuals to Diana's story aboiut finding a
variegated Smilacina and a trip to "Terra Variegata" (Japanese rare plant
nurseries). Send me private email on how to join our group if interested.
By the way only 1 variegated aroid made it into this issue, but they are
regularly mentioned

	To add to the enjoyment of woodland aroids, there is also a new
email list called Trillium -L which is centered on Trilliums, but enjoy
discussion of woodlanders including an ocassinal item on Arisaema. You
might try writing them at:


	And there's probably much more.

	Enjoy the variety.		Jim W.

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