Aroid-l x AEG (late reply)

Dear all,

I was on a short holiday so this is a somewhat late reply. To me, the main
difference between Aroid-l and AEG is that sometimes I can answer some
questions on Aroid-l, but I'm completely voiceless in AEG. In spite of
being a proud AEG member, I still don't have any Arisaema to grow and I
don't know absolutely nothing about hardiness!!! I am aware that we won't
have any snow cover here in Central Brazil until the next Snow Age, but
could you do me a favor, Jim? Check on your Crystal Ball if I will grow
any Arisaema in a next future!!! 

Best wishes,


On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, James W. Waddick wrote:

> Dear Aroid-L and AES;
> 	I have looked into my Crystal Ball and seen the future. The
> venerable Aroid-L  and the youngster AEG are carving up the turf.
> 	Looks like Aroid-L is becoming  Tropical Aroid-L
> 	and AEG is becoming  Temperate Aroid -L
> 	Or some such.
> 	Or does my Crystal Ball lie?
> 	Any thoughts about this out there?
> 	And what could/should we do about this?
> 	Good Future Telling		Jim W.
> James W. Waddick          		Voice: 816 746 1949
> 8871 NW Brostrom Rd                  	E-MAIL:
> Kansas City MO 64152 		Fax: 816 746 1939
> Zone 5/6 -
> Winter low  -10=B0F
> Summer high +100=B0F

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