William's Arum seed

Hi William,

> Okay, please help me out here quick.  I 
> have some Arum maculatum seeds that I collected while still green.  
> Yesterday, they turned orange and today they are a nice bright 
> orange.  How soon should I sow these things.  Now? 

They sound like they are ready. Remove the orange skin and soak seeds 

< How far apart should I space the individual seeds? 

A couple of cms. is ok ...are you sowing into pots ?

> What kind of medium should I use. 

I use washed river sand and some vermiculite. Good potting soil (not 
too course) is ok too.

> And last but not least should I water the soil throughout the 
> whole year or so while they do their underground thing before sending 
> up a leaf.

Keep moist all year........ not saturated !

>  Oh yes, do they also need a cold treatment?

Yes, at least 3 months @ 4 deg. C. I have had some that took 2 
chilling sessions with a 3 month ' normal ' temp. in between before they 

>I can get excellent advice from all of you and manage to germinate 
> many I might just even share them, there's an incentive.

The above sounds like excellent advice to me.
> Anyway thanks.
> William Perez

Dept.of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Monash University, Clayton 3168
e-mail: Rob.McClure@sci.monash.edu.au

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