Re: climbing Philodendrons for Mediterranean climate

Sean O'Hara wrote:
> This reminds me - a friend asked my whether there are species of
> climbing Philodendron that would be hardy enough to grow outdoors in
> our local Mediterranean climate.  We do see a lot of P. selloum and
> Monstera growing easily in our gardens, but I have yet to see a
> climbing Philo.  Do any of you Philo-philes have suggestions or
> observations that might be relevant to this search?  Our humidity is
> generally low so this may be the most significant limiting factor.
> Thanks in advance for any information.
>  Sean A. O'Hara           
>  710 Jean Street          

I have never been in Mediterranean wheather but here in the Dominican
Republic climbing Philodendrons are everywhere, we have a tropical
wheather and the places I have seen them in wild are just shaded with
lots of big trees, not too much rainy periods.

I don't know how to calculate the humidity levels.

Alexandra Pichardo

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