Re: Alocasia 'Black Velvet'


I purchased one of those black velvet alocasias about two years ago.  I
knew virtually nothing about alocasias at the time.  Looking at them, I
convinced myself that they needed loads of water and kept the soil soaking
all the time.  The plants did horribly so I watered them even more.  They
came close to dropping dead before it was pointed out that alocasias need
to keep their roots somewhat dry and their air somewhat moist.  Once I
started doing that, they thrived and did great.  

Of course, taking them outside this spring into cold nights and rainy days
didn't help; they're just beginning to recover now.  Regardless, keeping
their roots in an airy soil and keeping them warm and keeping the air moist
would be my recommendation.
At 10:11 PM 7/3/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>I just purchased a plant of a beautiful Alocasia (if you only knew how
>difficult it is to find things like this in Britain!) labelled as Black
>Velvet. It is quite small with lovely velvety, almost quilted dark green
>leaves and silvery veins but flowering profusely even though it looks quite
>young. Can anyone tell me anything about this cultivar? What is its
>how large can it grow, any tips on growing etc? Any information will be
>gratefully received.
>Best wishes,
>Geoffrey Kibby

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