Re: Amorphophallus titanum Blooming at Fairchild Tropical Garden

> Has there been any progress with the pics?  I notice that Atlanta has tried
> to do something similar to what I suggested but unfortunately not very well.
> Greg Ruckert


I called Craig Allen about the status of the time lapse stuff last week, 
but I never heard from him. So, Dewey or I will reach him in the coming 
week to find out what has happened to the time lapse stuff. We could 
build a moving GIF and make that viewable on the website. But I think a MPEG 
movie might be even better. Several megabytes of MPEG would show a lot 
and we would make the file FTPable. 

By the way, two cameras were used there. The second took time 
lapse shots from an overhead view. Hopefully we can do something with 
both. To my knowledge no one has ever viewed A. titanum from above as it 


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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