Lesser amorphophalli, konjac especially

Ok, Tony and Alan, you guys have convinced me that (if they don't cook in
the heat) I need to sow all these maturing konjac seeds and see what I
get. Here's hoping I get some of the diversity you have - I have an idea
for something a bit whimsical for which I'd like both a dwarf and a giant
clone of konjac. (And with my love of all contorted plants the ones with
oddly formed leaves would be good, too. Yes, call me twisted if you will.)

Alan, my "parvulus" or whatever it is came from Phil, in one of the last
boxes that made it out before he set sail. Wilbert and I inferred from
that (and the remains of a broken label) that it had come to Phil from
Wilbert. Very lovely whatever it is.

So "Leo Song #2" is a white-stemmed konjac, eh? Has anyone determined if
it is as hardy as the "normal" konjac? Also, Alan, have you noticed
anything distinctive about "Leo Song #1", and it is also a konjac variety?


-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@arachne.uark.edu

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