non aroid question - please ID

I try to keep to the topic of aroids here but need a bit of help.  

There's been a weed growing in my garden for the past few years.  I've
never allowed it to bloom fearing it would take over and installed have
rototilled it or just pulled it out.  

Yesterday, while trimming back some overgrown bushes, I found that I had
pulled one of these wees out and believe this weed is an orchid.  If it's
not an orchid, it sure could pass for one.  The flowers are only 3/4 inch
long but appear classic.  The plant including flowers is about 30" high.
The leaves are pointed (is that lanceolate?) 3" long by 2" wide with
parallel venation.  I haven't counted the flowers but would guess that
there are about 50.

I've photographed one flower closeup and loaded it at:

If you can identify it, please respond to me directly so that the
discussion group can get back to the topic of aroids.

You can email me at:


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