RE: titanum pollen


Now that this pollen transfer seems to have failed, I will send titanum
pollen from Holland to Ron. We had a flowering specimen here about 1.5
week ago. I guess the pollen should still be o.k. I am going to be away
from my email as of today, so I cannot answer any follow-up questions on

Ron, can you FAX your snail mail address asap to: (31)715275181, attnd.
mr Art Vogel. He'll send the pollen. Good luck!


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> >'The pollen,' Gagliardo said dejectedly, 'seems to be
> >lost in the mail.'"
> The mail?  The U.S. Mail?????
> While I generally respect and appreciate the USPS, I can't believe
> that the
> success of this unique opportunity was intrusted to the US Mail.  Was
> there
> no kind soul who would have volunteered to deliver this personally?  I
> realize that Miami and Atlanta are some 650+ miles apart, but...
> Who of us hasn't driven 100's of miles out of our way to visit that
> "special" nursery or botanical garden?
> Oh well,  "Sic transit Gloria Titani".
> Don Martinson
> Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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