Re: Philo mello-barretoanum

As many of you know, last year I played middle man in a seed
order originated by Neil Crafter.  He had found out about a
nursery in Brazil which sells Philodendron seeds in large
quantities (usually 1000, but they agreed to sell us 100 at
30% of the 1000 price) and collected names of interested
parties.  He passed the info on to me and I handled the order
and distribution.  Their catalog lists P. mello-baretoanum,
but we were unable to purchase any.  I don't know if that
was due to temporary or permanent unavailability.  There were
many "species" like that (barryi, crassihyrzum, evansii, eximium,
cymbispathum, hastatum, imbe, mello-barretoanum, myrmecophyllum,
ornatum, pittieri, pseudoradiatum, rubrinervum, sagittatum,
saxicolum, sellowianum, speciosum, subhastatum, undulatum).
They also carry Anthurium seeds, of which we bought none.
I'm not up for the middle-man challenge again anytime soon,
but if anyone else wants to put an order together, I'll dig
up the catalog and send you the info.  (I'd certainly be
interested in participating.  :) )

BTW, I never reported the feedback I got on germination rates.
I don't have any numbers, but it was very "hit or miss".  A
couple of varieties had very high germination rates and the
rest were very low.  I found that eventually I got at least
a couple germinations from most of the species ordered.

- Todd

PS Please send any responses that you want me to see sooner than
a couple of months from now to  I don't
check the account nearly as often as I

> Hi Bob,
> I am very interested in P. mello-baretoanum. Is there seeds available
> somewhere?
> Greetings
> Peter
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> > From: Bob Riffle <>
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> > Subject: Philo mello-barretoanum
> > Date: Friday, June 12, 1998 3:04 PM
> > 
> > Neil, I'd much appreciate knowing P. mello-barretoanum's taxonomic
> > status now.  Seems to me it couldn't be (whether it's to be in-
> > cluded in P. bipinnatifidum or no) nearly as hardy to cold as is
> > the latter species, because its native habitat is, as I understand
> > it, so much farther north of pinnatifidum.
> > 
> > Thanks ....

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