Philo mello-barretoanum

Dear fellow aroiders...Todd Ruth's recent posting reminded me of a few
items. Firstly, I had very limited success with my Philo seeds as I was
only able to get P.eichleri to germinate. By the way Dr.Mayo has reduced
this to synonomy under P.undulatum in his revision of the sub-genus
Meconostigma. I now have 4 nice little seedlings growing away happily. I
also checked the revision again and yes , Dr. Mayo also reduced
P.mello-barretoanum to synonomy under P.bipinnatifidum. While on the
subject I checked out the web site for B&T World Seeds that someone
kindly posted on the list, and they do have a considerable aroid
section...unfortunately the Philodendron section is a repeat of the
Alvim Seidel list from Brazil, so I guess they just act as an agent for
Anyway, these people are located in France(Viva la World Cup!) and their
web site is at    worth a look I think.

I also recently received some seeds of P.goeldii from Joep Moonen in
French Guiana and have had some success with three seedlings under
way...look forward to seeing these mature and develop their
characteristic palmatisect foliage shared by only one other species in
the genus, the smaller sized P.leal-costae.

Happy Philo growing to all the Philophiles out there!

kind regards   Neil

Neil Crafter  Adelaide Australia

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