Re: Picking seeds before mother nature does.

       Before I thought of checking for actual seed, I picked the smallest of
the inflorescences (which had orange fruit on it) that had fallen over, and
took the fruit off, one by one, and dropped them in some dampened vermiculite
to see what would happen.  When I read your note, I picked one up and
squeezed it (why I didn't think of this first, I don't know, and I hope no
one noticed!), and out came a little white seed!  I am assuming that the
other larger infructesences are fertile as well.  Now I suppose the question
is whether I should allow them to fall over or pick them.  I just don't know
what they are SUPPOSED to do.  The peduncle on the largest infructescence (if
that's correct) may be able to hold upright until the fruit turns, but I'm
afraid to wait to find out, unless this is what they are supposed to do.
 Well, in view of the little one having fallen over, and still turning
orange, and having actual seed inside, they should be alright left alone?
 Since they produced seed, does this mean that the seed will be viable? 

>>>>When we take an unripe seedhead of A. sikokianum and allow the berries to
get red, there are seeds present, and we do it in November or December when
cold weather has produced the withering of the peduncle.<<<< 

Exactly where does the peduncle wither naturally, at the base of the fruit

Thank you for your help,


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