Re: Snails

I am sure that you know about the beer method in a shallow saucer...  They
crawl in and die..  But, there is another method that people here in South
Fl have found very effective.  That is spreading Diotomaceous Earth all
around...  This, I am told, will grind up their feet and intestines and
they die.  Fairchild Tropica Gdn. had a very bad problem and controled it
this way.  The only bad part is that if it rains, or you water, you have to
spread it again.  It is cheap and can be obtained in a store that caters to
swimming pool owners.  Now, I have heard that the swimming pool kind is not
as good as another type that is available in some Horticultural Supply
Houses...  But, I have never seen any problems using it...  Don't breath it
while spreading and you should be ok .

Then there is the old stand-by...  any bait with Methaldahyde (spelling?)
as the active ingredient.  This can be in liquid or in pellets...  Snails
and slugs love it...  eat it and die.

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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