Re: Snails

Hello Edwardo,

    An H-bomb would work.  It would probably take care of my snails at the
same time.
I have been using C's (can you say a brand in public?) Slug and Snail Death
(it probably has what Dewey said in it), and this stuff just eradicates them!
 The type I have is almost powered, and just needs to be ever-so-slightly
sprinkled around.  It stays active even after a rain or watering.   Another
method, is to slice tomatoes in a dish, put these around the yard.  They will
be attracted to the tomatoes before they find your special plants, and if you
sprinkle snail death around the tomatoes, they will die trying to get to the
tomatoes, or they may get a taste before they die.  Sprinkle it ON the
tomatoes, and they have their last gourmet meal.

Good luck,
Sue Zunino

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