Amorphophallus muelleri

I have a dozen or so A. muelleri all started from seed from Wilbert or 
from small tubers picked up elsewhere. The plants this year are becoming 
larger now and a couple of distinct differences are showing yp. The 
plants all seem to have very similar coloring and marking on the 
petioles, and of course all are growing bulbils. And the leaf geometry is 
generally the same.

The differences are in the leaf coloring and the size of the leaf 
segments. For the lack of a better term, group 1 has significantly darker 
leaves and smaller leaf segments as compared to group 2. The overall 
size of the leaves are about the same in both groups, but the petioles of 
group 2 are shorter. 

A. muelleri has one of the wider SE Asian geographical ranges of the genus.
Are the differences I am seeing related to this wide distribution? Oops, 
I forgot to mention that the darker green small segment leaved plants were 
all grown from seed from Wilbert. All the plants are being grown onn the 
same table, in identical medium, and are receiving the same light exposure.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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