Xanthosoma saggitifolia (malanga) or "Taro"? (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 18:55:25 -0500
From: Judy Bauer <jbauer@concordnc.com>
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Subject: Xanthosoma saggitifolia (malanga) or "Taro"?

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Sender: Judy Bauer <jbauer@concordnc.com>
Subject: Xanthosoma saggitifolia (malanga) or "Taro"?

Hi Aroiders,
I just returned from Harris-Teeter, Concord NC. Their Xanthosoma
saggitifolia (malanga) is being sold as Taro for about $2.69 per pound.
One of these =93Taro=92s=94 had a purple skin around a tiny emerging bud.
Another =93Taro=94 had a tiny green bud. While I was examining the differen=
shapes, sizes and bud colors of these two =93Taros=94, I was getting some
strange stares from the store manager and the produce manager. If I
weren=92t so confused plus embarrassed, I would have bought both of these

The 10 cent Malanga that I bought and planted two weeks ago has softened
and has not sprouted. At first I planted it side ways since it looked
like it had two pointed ends. Then dug it up and planted what I thought
was the pointed side up above the soil. After examining the =93Taro=92s=94
today, it looks like I had planted my Malanga upside down.

Is the purple skin around the tiny =93Taro=94 bud unusual? Is this any
indication that the foliage may be more ornamental?

Judy Bauer
8440 Huckleberry Trail
Concord NC 28027

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