Re: Xanthosoma saggitifolia (malanga) or "Taro"? (fwd)

Dear Judy,
As you may have recently read on Aroid-l, there have been many discussions
on these commercially available edible Aroids, and there is a page where you
can at least get the names used in the ethnic stores, but the Winn Dixies
and Publix`s pose a problem, as they are generally staffed by "gringas and
gringos" who know nothing about these exotic foods.
If you like I could look back at the many letters and forward them to you,
let me know.
The elongate tubers of "malanga" (NOT taro, which will be more egg-shaped
and larger) with the pink tip will either be X. violacium, OR a new (to us)
species that grows with green leaves; it originates (is grown)
in Costa Rica, while "true" X. violacium which is a beautiful plant has been
purchased in Jamaican stores as "red co co".  The two tubers seem identical,
while the plants are very different.  The one with the green tip is probably
"true" X. sagittifolia (commercially grown in S. Florida) and the tubers are
generally more "bumpy", and the areas around the bumps whitish, than the
ones with pink tips.  I have seen all of them easily grown by potting them
point-up with just the tip of the point exposed.

>Hi Aroiders,
I just returned from Harris-Teeter, Concord NC. Their Xanthosoma
saggitifolia (malanga) is being sold as Taro for about $2.69 per pound.
One of these =93Taro=92s=94 had a purple skin around a tiny emerging bud.
Another =93Taro=94 had a tiny green bud. While I was examining the

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