These Amorphophallus are the most amazing plants....

For instance....  I have an A. parvulus that is extreemly difficult to
grow...  last year, I did not repot it for fear of disturbing the plant....
It is in a one gallon black nursery pot.  This spring, it put up a small
petiole in the middle of the top of the pot...  I said to myself...."Self,
you have it for at least one more year."  Then, a week or so later....  It
put out another petiole...  But, this time it came out the hole that is on
the side of the pot at the bottom!!!!!    In a couple of weeks, it produced
another petiole out THE SAME  hole....  In a couple of weeks...  yep,
another petiole....  BUT, from the hole in the BOTTOM of the pot...  right
in the middle of the bottom of the pot....  In a couple weeks additional...
There is another petiole....  but, this time it is in the normal place....
right beside the first one coming out of the top of the pot....

Is this strange or what?

Now, to start some discussion....  Do you think I should leave the five
petioles as they are or try to cut the pot away and repot each one...
Remember, this is an extreemly difficult one to grow and it is doing so
well and the petioles are all healthy?

What do you think?

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Your Source for Tropical Araceae

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