Amorphophallus titanum Blooming at Fairchild Tropical Garden

I visited the titanum yesterday afternoon and it is certainly not
being overhyped!!! The big news is that a time lapse camera was
installed shortly before I got there which means there will be a filmed
record of the final development and opening of the inflorescence.
This should  be a fascinating process.
It looks like it is maybe a couple of days away from full flower but
really, what do any of us know!!!?.
Tricia Frank of IAS has been there each afternoon to answer questions
and help watch the plant while Craig M. Allen,the grower and proud
"father" tries to get some other work done around the greenhouse.
I guess I am hooked now and will,whether I have time or not,be making
the daily trek to FTG for the duration of this genuine EVENT in the
After much procrastination I finally joined Aroid-L only
is my first posting----I hope it is of some interest.I will report again
if  I find
any information not covered by the web site updates.
Susan T. Staiger

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