Aroids in the garden

I ordered several plants today for a new area of my garden. Many of the
plants will be aroids including Amorphophallus konjac, several Arisaemas,
Pinellias, and a Alocasia macrorhizos. The area is fairly shady, tends to
stay pretty moist, and is between to buildings. I live in zone 6b, but with
the microclimate created by the 2 houses, and the fact that we are on a
paeninsula in the middle of a fairly large lake I doubt that these plants
will see temps near the -5 degrees Farenhite listed as the minimum for this
My main concern is the fact that I will be putting these plants in the
ground so late in the year, I am not too worried about the Amorphophallus,
Arisaemas, or Pinellias, but I do worry a bit about the Alocasia. Should I
keep it potted and winter it over inside before planting or would I have
better luck putting it into the groud? The plant is supposed to be a good
size already, and I think I could have it pretty well established before
the first frost, but I am really stretching the limits of the hardiness of
this plant as it is, what does everyone else think I should do?

E. George Oeser

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