Re: A. warocqueanum

> Can anyone supply me with some information about Anthurium 
> warocqueanum?  I need to know where it is from (including something 
> of its habitat; simply South America or even Brazil does not tell me 
> much whereas lowlands/uplands, forest openings, etc. is more 
> helpful).  I am also wondering about its availability.  I am told it 
> can be difficult to find it listed (if anyone has some to sell or 
> trade they are welcome to e-mail me personally rather than clutter 
> the list).  Is it difficult to grow or does it require anything 
> different from the "average" anthurium?  About the only reference I 
> can find for it is Exotica which is a little less than detailed.  Any 
> help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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David:  Anthurium warocqueanum occurs in Colombia in very wet forest and
does best in very humid greenhouses, especially if kept moderately cool
in the summer months.  I have seen it between 200 and about 1500 m.  I
don't personally know where one can obtain it.  It is a slow grower.
Certainly I would like to propagate it by have not succeeded.
	Tom Croat

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