madan tamang catalog

I received a copy of this catalog. He lists 4 species of 
Zantedeschia and 20 species of Arisaema (my interest) along with many 
other plants and seeds.  The Arisaema prices range from 1-5 dollars for 
a packet of 12 seeds and the tubers (flowering size) he says are each 
about $1 extra.  Of course, a permit is needed for tubers.  No 
descriptions of anything, but that has never stopped me.
	No mention of shipping and handling charges, the catalog is free 
and, although my letter got to him, he suggests that due to a somewhat 
unreliable mail system, he be contacted by fax 0354-54330 / 52698 in 
	I think some of this info has already been on this list.  I 
don't know anything else about him or his nursery but I certainly intend 
to try him.  
Jean Halverson zone 5a in Wisconsin 
Still snow on the ground but there's hope spring will come soon!

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