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Jean, Here's the augmented posting on Madan Tamag.
Arisaema Source:

Madan Tamang
4 Dr. Zakir Hussain Road
Darjeeling 734 101
West Bengal, India
Tel: (0354) 2698

A new nursery that opened last summer. They also organize treks and
travels in this area (Darjeeling, E Nepal, Sikkim).

			All prices in U.S. dollars.

					Seed:	Corms:

	A. concinnum			2.00	2.00
	A. consanguineum			2.00	2.00
	A. costatum				3.00
	A. echinatum				3.00
	A. echinatum				3.00
	A. erubescens			2.00	3.00
	A. exappendiculatum			4.00
	A. flavum					5.00
	A. galeatum			2.00	3.00
	A. griffithii			1.00	2.50
	A. intermedium			2.00	2.50
	A. jacquemontii			2.00	3.00
	A. nepenthoides			1.00	2.00
	A. ochraceum = A nepenthoides	1.00	2.50
	A. ostiolatum			3.00	3.00
	A. propinquum				3.00
	A. speciosum			1.00	2.00
	A. tortuosum			2.00	2.00
	A. utile = A. verrucosum v. utile		1.00
	A. verrucosum			3.00	3.00
	A. vexillatum				3.00
 There are 10 to 12 seed per packet..	

For tubers you must supply an IMPORT PERMIT, a consignment letter,
and 50% advance payment. Some European countries do not require an
Import Permit. A consignment letter is just a letter ordering the
An Import permit is not required for seed.

Postage, packing, and forwarding charges are extra as applicable.

A. flavum will not be shipped until next season. Orders for tubers must
reach the nursery by the month of June. Corms are dispatched

You will note that quite a few unusual species are offered.

Madan offers a catalog which includes other Himalayan plants.

Although I have no personal experience with this supplier, Arisaema
expert Guy Gusman finds  both their seed and corms to be of excellent
quality and properly identified. With regard to shipping costs, Guy
payed him beforehand by means of a draft from my bank to an Indian bank.
He doesn't remember which one.  

But, when about to send them, Madan gave
the P&P amount and Guy had to make a second payment, that implies
unnecessary costs. Ask Madan the final amount +P&P beforehand and also 
which Indian Bank to make the transfer to. 

Avoid a check included in an envelope. Mail is often erratic in India:
FAX and
direct bank transfers usually work well.

Mailing costs were high because Madan used a private and very quick
it was the KLM (Dutch Flight Company). All corms were in perfect
when Guy received them arrived in Brussels.


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