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> Is anyone out there growing Arisarum proboscideum? I picked some up last
> year and am not sure it is still with me (although it was wintered under
> cover). I haven't rooted around in the pot for it but it doesn't look too
> promising. In fairness to whatever skill I might have as a grower the tubers
> were pretty small (more like little rhizome cuttings--I know, excuses,
> excuses!) I'm interested in the experience any others have had with it. Tell
> me how to do it right.
> Carlo


Shame on you ! How can you lose a mouse plant ! (Please no cat jokes) 

I grow mine easily and they multiply well by :

.....pot the long tubers only about 1'' below the surface.
.....keep the pot dry when dormant ( summer-autumn here ). I keep 
mine bone dry.
.....they seem to flower better when crowded, so I don't repot 
.....light shade seems to suit them.
.....water and feed as normal when in active growth.
.....aphids really like them too !

Good luck.


Dept.of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Monash University, Clayton 3168

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