Alvim Seidel - The Last Message!

Dear Aroiders,

All of you that are interested on Siedel's Philos, I have some news from 
here. They are still working and the correct fax number is 0473 75 
1042. This is exactly the number that Neil is trying, but maybe is lacking 
some kind of international code or something like this, because this 
number can be directly acessed from here in Brazil. I talked to the own 
Alvim Siedel (he isn't dead as someone has told me!!!) and he said that 
he can study some proposals concerning the purchase of less than 1000 seeds 
per species. I think is easier to choose an "agent" in the USA and ask 
all seeds together, then re-distribute them. Any other doubt, e-mail me 

Hope it helps 

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