Alvim Seidel

Dear Eduardo et al

Hooray at last! I have finally received a reply from Alvim Seidel via 
snail mail ! They did receive my fax but curiously decided to mail me a 
reply rather than fax me.  Anyway they have advised that they will sell 
us smaller seed quantities ( approx. 100 seeds ) for 30% of the 1000 seed 
price. They did not send an updated list so perhaps it hasnt changed from 
1991.I plan to post the list onto Aroid-L in the next day or so together 
with prices. I understand Todd Ruth has volunteered to be the US link 
man. Is that still OK Todd ? Todd I will email you direct the list of 
names and email addresses of those who have registered interest in being 
in the seed order, then you can take it from there.

Thanks again to Eduardo for his perserverence in chasing up Alvim Seidel
for those of us participating in the seed order

Regards Neil

Neil Crafter
Adelaide  Australia

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