Re: A. warocqueanum

 If  my memory serves me correctly it was originally collected in Columbia. I
have collected  a  few specimens through the years. Two of my plants are in
flower as we speak. This is the first time I have had any in flower. Im
hoping to get seed. If Iget lucky l I'll  be more then  happy to share. I
have had excellent luck by taking 3 foot high totems, covering them with
spagnum, and placing the bottom in a small bucket of water .I keep the
buckets full at all times. This  helps satisfy there high humidity
requirements. They also love to climb. Be  aware that the humidity in my
greenhouse  is above 90%. The good news is if you contact me I will give you
the name of another  person who may be willing to give you seed. I do know
that his plants are always in seed  in July . If you give me your  phone or
fax, I will contact you. Also be careful of what you order from glasshouse
works. I made the mistake of ordering Warocqueanum. I was told  the plants
had  no less then  twelve inch leaf . I ordered  two plants, paid $65.00 each
and recieved seedlings which where no more then two to three inches tall. I
was very unhappy to say the least. When I called I  was  told if you don't
like them send them back. If I ever order from them again I'd ask for
pictures first . Just be careful. I hope I've been some help.
                                        Good Luck
                                            David Levitt

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