Philo seed advice needed.

Hello list,
        I am on the Philo seed list and I was wondering if someone can help
me choose some approiate varieties to grow both inside my house as well as
outside in my area?   I live in extreem northern CA, in zone 9-9b.  The
winter temp. ranges from 40's to 50's, sometimes dropping to the 30's (this
only happened twice this year), and on very rare occasions has dropped to the
high 20's).  The summer temp. ranges from 50's to 70's, occasionsly reaching
80's and very rare 90's.   The plants I choose need to be able to withstand
fog, high cloud covering until noon ,and many times, lack of sun all day, and
no rain throughout the summer ( I will water where
necessary).  The winters are totally wet and cold. The soil on my property is
a rather acid form surrounding fir trees.  If someone can help me choose
wisely, I would really appreciate it!
Thank you  
Sue Zunino 

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