Re: Alvim Seidel Philodendron seeds - questions

I searched through some rather general reference books (cited below)
that I have and found the following information about some species on
the Seidel list.  Todd may incorporate some of this into his html file.

"Angra dos Rios"           16
	AAV: "Looks like a self-heading species, but creeps.  Elongated heart-
		shaped leaves look highly waxed, with prominent midvein."
bipinattifidum             8
	NGE: "is a short-stemmed species with large divided leaves and a spathe
		or calla-like flower bract about 8 in. long, reddish-brown on
		the outside and whitish within."
	IEG: "from Southern Brazil, has short, erect stem and leaves about
		2 ft. long that are twice-lobed and are dark green with
		prominent veins.  This kind grows slowly."
cordatum(oxycardium)       15
	AAV: "parlor ivy, heart-leaf philodendron -- Best known vine with
		glossy green leaves four inches long in youth, up to a foot
		or more with age and good culture.  ...  It will hang, trail
		creep, or climb -- but prefers the last."
crassinervium              18
	AAV: "Creeper with slim, rounded leaves shaped like a turkey feather,
		rounded and raised midvein dotted with red."
erubescens                 15
	AAV: "Shield-shaped leaves nearly a foot long, green with a coppery
		sheen, and thinly edged with red; burgundy-lined underneath.
		It makes new roots with every new joint."
	IEG: "a native of Colombia, is a free-growing climber that has medium-
		sized arrow-shaped leaves that have coppery underside."
	SCH: "Climbing: lvs. elongated ovate-triangular, 6-8 in. long,
		4-6 in. wide: spathe black-purple."
giganteum                  40
	IEG: "from the West Indies, is an upright grower with its stem joints
		close together.  The broad ovate-heart-shaped, shining leaves
		are rich green and have lighter, depressed veins."
	NGE: "is a climber with leaves to 3 ft. long and 2 ft. wide.  The
		spathe is almost a foot long, purplish outside and red within."
grandifolium               40
	NGE: "is also a climber, with arrow-shaped leaves 2 ft. or more long,
		and a yellowish spathe."
hastatum                   15
	AAV: "Florists' favorite totem climber with slim, shield-shaped
		leaves and raised veins."
	IEG: "is a Brazilian with bright green, arrow-shaped leaves, a
imbe                       8
	AAV: "Paper-crisp, slender shield leaves with outstanding veins, lined
		with wine beneath; called the 'most climbing' species."
	IEG: "is a stout climber from Rio de Janeiro.  It has pointed, lance-
		shaped leaves that are green above and red beneath."
pittieri                   30
	AAV: "Totem-climber with heavy, glossy, heart-shaped leaves lighter-
		than-usual green. One of the more tolerant types."
selloum                    9
	AAV: "Will grow like the self-heading types, a tree, or a hanging
		vine.  Extra-large deep-green leaves are finely divided into
		points, then divided again."
	IEG: "is stemless or has but a short stem.  It is a native of
		Paraguay and Brazil and bears large, long-stalked, deeply
		lobed, deep green leaves."
speciosum                  40
	SCH: "Stems tall, arborescent: petioles terete at the base, concavo-
		convex above, twice as long as the midrib; blade triangular-
		oblong-ovate, bright green, acuminate, deeply sagittate, the
		basal lobes rhomboidal, obtuse, abruptly narrowed on the inner
		side above the middle: spathes thick, green with purple
		margins; spadix finger-shaped, shorter than the spathe.
		S. Brazil."
wendlandii                 35
	IEG: "a Costa Rican kind, does not climb but forms a `bird's nest'
		type of plant, with its short-stemmed, paddle-shaped, green
		leaves spreading upwards and outwards from a common center."

AAV: All About Vines and Hanging Plants; Brilmayer, Bernice, 1962.
IEG: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening; Everett, T.H., ed,. 1964.
NGE: The New Garden Encyclopedia; Seymour, E.L.D., ed., 1942.
SCH: The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture; Bailey, L.H., 1922.

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