Re: Alvim Seidel Philodendron seeds - questions

At 08:07 PM 3/14/97 -0600, Eduardo Gomes Goncalves wrote:
>Dear Todd,
>    We have an interest subject to discuss here... 
>    Let me introduce the problem: The Taxonomical point of view can be
>quite different from the horticultural point of view. In fact, very
>different things can be joined under a same botanical name. Such
>synonimization (undulatum=eichlerii,
>bipinnatifidum=selloum=lundii=melo-barretoanum) has been recently proposed
>by Simon Mayo (Kew Bull. 46(4):601-681. 1991), but the changes still 
>hasn't reached the horticultural business. Besides, the morphological 
>difference between a typical P. bipinnatifidum and a typical P. selloum 
>is somewhat impressive. Although, we can find lots of intermediary forms 
>in the wild so we can't even outline an acceptable diagnosis to 
>distinguish them as taxonomical units. That doesn't mean that the forms 
>are morphologicaly equal, but such variability allows that the two 
>extreme forms, if taken without the intermediaries, can be assumed as 
>different species (as has already happened in the past). I presume that 
>Alvim Seidel isn't a taxonomist so he isnt up-to-dated.   
>    If my mind isn't confused, the so-called Amorphophallus 'black-stem' 
>is an unusual form of the old A. konjac. This is a good example of how two 
>different things to the horticulturist can be the same thing to someone 
>like Wilbert (or any other taxonomist)! 
>    There is one more thing. If there is an unusual form of a given 
>species that is rarer than the other(s), in my opinion, is fair to charge 
>a little more for it, even when they have the same botanical name. 
>When I got my order from Seidel in the mid 70's (complete with scorpion)
the Sansevierias included were in no way resembling what they were
labelled. and they weren't even that rare. I still think such an order as
this is good, from the standpoint of pure serendipity.

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