Re: Alvim Seidel Philodendron seeds - questions

On Fri, 14 Mar 1997, Hermine Stover wrote:

>When I got my order from Seidel in the mid 70's (complete with scorpion)

- Wasn't it a spider? Things evolve fast there!!!
The problem is that, here in Brazil, we don't like to export only 
plants... we export the whole ecosystem!!! (Ok, I'm just kidding...)

> the Sansevierias included were in no way resembling what they were
> labelled. and they weren't even that rare. I still think such an order as
> this is good, from the standpoint of pure serendipity.

Dear Hermine,

I suppose that Brazil isn't the best place to find rare Sansevierias, 
because they are from Africa and some parts of Asia. But if you want to 
find out rare Philos, we have lots of them, and it is quite possible to 
discover a new species almost everywhere. I described a new species (it 
will be on Kew Bulletin until september) that is practically endemic to 
an area that is just 2 miles far from my house! If it is possible to meet 
rare Philos here in Brasilia, where the aroid biodiversity is 
comparatively low, wonder what Mr. Seidel can get, living along the 
forests of Southeastern Brazil (one of the main diversity center of such 
genus in our country). I agree with you that he should sell his plants 
correctly labelled because he must act professionally. Although, 
in this case there is a risk of getting a very rare plant paying for 
just a common plant, and it isn't too bad. It is only my opinion and I'm not 
endorsing nothing from such nursery. 



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