Re: Oh No! Amorphophallic Trauma!

Dear Dana,

First off, I am glad you have again proven why cats are a superfluous

Second, i suggest you leave the Amorphophallus as it is. There is a chance
that it will produce a new leaf. If it hasn't done that in a month or two,
you better take out the tuber and chack if there are any roots alive.
If not, leave it dry and let it wake up again for a next season of growth.
If it still has roots, check if you see a pinkish bud freshly developed.
Yoy may replant it then. If not, just let it get dry slowly and wait 
for another season. All this only works of the plant has had time to either
generate a young new tuber, or the old one is still strong enough to do
its thing a second time. And don't forget to pray to The Supreme Phalloid Being!

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